Release Notes

2008/09/01  2.9.2 Beta (aka 3.0 Beta 3)


* NEW: Files sorting (right click on a folder, select "Sort By"...)
* Fixed searching by icon name
* Fixed: do not clear selection on "+/-" click

Todo List:

* NEW: Added option to show table grid lines (menu -> View -> Show Grid)
* NEW: Added "Designer" panel with ability to view/edit multiline Summary text
* Date/Time column: Added "Next" submenu to the context menu
* Fixed task drag and drop from editor to the Tree panel (#2033111)
* Fixed Undo/Redo in todo editor

Image Editor:

* Fixed: Restore selection on edit Undo

Task Summary:

* Fixed sorting


* Fixed calendar widget


* NEW: Added function to show expired articles (Properties -> Advanced)
* NEW: Show favicon in feed viewer


* Updated German translation
* Updated Oxygen Icon Theme
* NEW: Added "--no-splash" command line option
  to disable the splash screen window
* NEW: Platform specific configuration in portable mode
  (e.g. you can use different configuration for Linux and Windows platform)
* Fixed KDE/GNOME detection
* Fixed some minor bugs found by the FindBugs tool
* Updated NSIS installer for Windows
* Fixed confirmation message in script editor
* Improved system summary in About dialog
* Improved autosave in Notepad and Note Widget
  (automatically save data on every change)
* Fixed pie chart painter
* Fixed and optimized list renderers
* Fixed slideshow timeout


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