Release Notes

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2.9.0 Beta

2008/07/13  2.9.1 Beta (aka 3.0 Beta 2)


* New and updated plugins for Makagiga 2.9.1
  To install a new plugin go to menu -> Tools -> Plugins -> Get More Plugins
  To update existing plugin go to menu -> Help -> Update -> Update Plugins
* Plugin Downloader: "Hide Installed" option is now available again


* NEW: Improved tagging (Tobu-like tag values, system tags)
* Fixed list of untagged items in "Tags" menu
* Fixed: Show tagged RSS feeds
* Fixed double "Tags:" label in New File/Folder dialog

Todo Editor:

* NEW: Added convenient function to modify all selected tasks
  (mark as complete/not complete, set current date/time, clear date/time, etc.)
* Fixed Summary edit button ("...")
* Fixed: Automatically update "Due Date/Time" column info/color of the current
  todo document


* Fixed Task summary statistics chart


* NEW: Transition effects in plugin settings dialog
* NEW: Customizable UI font
  (menu -> Tools -> Settings... -> Advanced... -> Look and Feel)
* Fixed crash on application startup if "Special effects" option is turned off
* Improved support for Lipstik LAF
* Fixed "High Contrast" look and feel
* Updated Oxygen Icon Theme


* Fixed Autosave configuration
* Fixed font size list in font chooser dialog
* Improved and fixed Proxy settings
* Calendar: Fixed month popup menu
* Fixed: Changed end-of-line encoding to Unix style
* Fixed text component context menu
* Improved statistics tool tip
* Improved Internet Search Panel


* NEW: Added "Preloader.*" variables:
  - Preloader.class - whether or not Makagiga classes/components are preloaded
    on application startup
  - Preloader.image - whether or not the next image is preloaded into memory
    (Image Viewer)


* Fixed background color in "shaped" mode


* Added support for automatic unit tests
* NetBeans Project: Automatically add .jar file info
* Improved plugin download script


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