Release Notes

Task Summary:

* NEW: Added printing support
* New look and feel; faster refresh


* NEW: Ability to drag and drop text into Tree panel
* Fixed tool tip windows

Feed Reader:

* NEW: Show fetch error message in notification popup window


* Editors: Always use white/black colors in exported HTML file
* Fixed: Do not display auto completion popup window on text undo/redo
* Fixed cursor color in tag editor
* Updated Windows installer
* Minor bugfixes


* NEW: Added "diskfree" example (see Examples directory)
* NEW: Added download/update helper scripts (see Projects directory)


* NEW: Added "org.makagiga.internetsearch.InternetSearch.Highligther" class
* NEW: Added support for "Locale" plugins (spell dictionaries, etc.)
* NEW: Added "MSeparator" class
* Deprecated "EditorColor" and "Size" classes
* Renamed source package
  from "" to ""
* Fixed "star" imports
* Updated unit tests and API documentation
* Improved "MLayout" class API
* build.xml: Fixed Arch Linux package builder
* Pie Chart: Fixed export to PNG


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