Release Notes

* NEW: Added more mouse gestures. See Help for details.
* NEW: Added advanced "General", "Tree" and "Look and Feel" settings
* NEW: Show system info summary in About dialog and in Console window 
* Improved support for the new Nimbus Look and Feel (available since Java 6 Update 10)
* Fixed: Faster file tagging (including Tags menu and file properties dialog)

Todo List:

* NEW: Added export to vCalendar Task List (VCS)
* Fixed export to HTML
* Fixed paste command

Image Editor:

* Create Reflection: Added support for custom options

RSS Feed Reader:

* Added and samples; removed KDE feeds
* Fixed: Increased network connect timeout to 30s


* Added buttons to open destination file/folder


* NEW: Added a simple Plugin Updater (go to main menu -> Help -> Update -> Update Plugins)
* NEW: Plugin Downloader: Added option to hide installed plugins
* NEW: Command Line Options: Show --help and --version output in a new window
* Updated NSIS installer
* Browser: Improved "README" link


* Wizard: Added button to open Project folder


* NEW: Added "org.makagiga.form.PropertyPanel" class
* NEW: Added "org.makagiga.commons.MFormattedTextField" class
* NEW: Added "org.makagiga.commons.FloatProperty" class
* Added "MApplication.ToggleStatusBarAction" class
* Added "MApplication.Zoom*Action" class
* Added Property.getType
* Fixed locale support in Config class
* Improved MClipboard class
* Improved MPanel constructors
* Added PropertyAccessV2 interface
* Fixed: Do not override user UI font in MTextArea
* Rewritten Class Preloader (


* Updated and fixed Eclipse project files
* Updated unit tests and API doc


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