Release Notes

* NEW: French translation (thanks to Durand Daniel)
* Re-added transition effects (smooth fade, etc.)
* Linux: Improved and fixed error message in Makagiga launcher


* Improved "New Folder" dialog

RSS Feed Reader:

* NEW: Added option to disable RSS notification messages globally
  (menu: Tools -> Settings -> Feeds)
* Removed experimental RSS ad detection

Image Editor/Viewer:

* Improved Designer panel
* Fixed and improved "Brush" tool
* Fixed background color


* Designer panel: Expand all panels by default
* Improved widgets and desktop
* Changed download links from to
* Fixed: Keep previous log file (console.log.old)
* Show status bar by default


* Updated "Disk Free" SDK example
* NEW: Added support for "Console" plugins
* Wizard: Fixed "JavaScript" option


* Added BeanInfos for MButton and MFontButton
* Added MiGBase64 codec
* Added "org.makagiga.commons.MPasswordPanel" class
  and a new MMessage.newPassword(Window, String, int) method
* NEW: Property class: Added support for property change listeners
* NEW: Added "ui/checkspelling" and "ui/locale" icons
* Added "org.makagiga.form.Default" annotation
* Added "ValueListener" API
* Deprecated "mod" package
* Updated unit tests and documentation


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