Release Notes


* Improved "Links" button; added support for external files and websites

Image Viewer:

* Remember recent settings (size, options) in "Resize" dialog

Todo List

* Faster "Delete Selected" command


* Fixed drag and drop
* Fixed opening of local files
* Added "Ctrl+Shift" tip

Presentation Mode (menu -> View -> Presentation...):

* NEW: Slideshow
* Added window animations


* NEW: New Folder: Added "Find External Makagiga Folders" button
* NEW: Show file preview before revert to the previous version
* NEW: Larger icons in the Sidebar
* Remember last new file/folder name
* Fixed "Export" menu
* Fixed: Do not show "Restoring session..." message if there are no files to open
* Changed mount error message to be more user friendly

RSS Feed Viewer:

* Fixed: "Add RSS feed" menu item is now always visible in the "New File" menu
* NEW: Added font chooser (font size, name, style etc.)
* Increased default thread pool size for faster articles fetch


* Fixed widgets border and titlebar color
* Improved Desklet installer


* Added command line documentation
* Updated copyright and license info


* NEW: Icon Chooser: Added search filter
* NEW: Added experimental support for input methods
  (right click in text field and click "Select Input Method" menu)
* Fixed file/download cache directory
* NEW: Added icon for font button and chooser dialog (ui/font.png)
* Help: Fixed keyboard shortcut list
* Updated Oxygen Icon Theme
* Notification Window: Enable close button with a little delay to avoid accidental close
* Optimized application startup speed
* Improved search query editor
* Fixed: Do not add extra "ADD" operator in search query
* Fixed minor bugs in Debian package (.deb file)
* Now the Makagiga menu shortcut is in the "Office" category
* Improved "HTML" tab in color choosers
* Fixed: Use small icon in script error message
* Updated Windows installer
* Updated Polish translation
* Changed plugin description from "Editors" to "Editors/Viewers"
* Improved and fixed pie-charts; 


* Fixed: Show error message if new file could not be created
* Mini-IDE: Added "General" code snippets


* Added autosave delay configuration ("Autosave.timeout"; in minutes)


* Updated documentation and unit tests
* Form API: Added support for "int" type (via MNumberSpinner)
* Improved "MTip" constructors
* Improved "MToolBar" contructors
* Deprecated "Testable" annotation
* Added "MPanel.limitHeight"
* Improved JavaBean compatibility
* Improved "StringList" class
* Deprecated "CoolLabel" and "MLabeledTextField" classes
* MFormat: Added support for "GB" format


* Changed desklet classname from "Desklet" to "MyDesklet" to avoid confusion
* Improved "look and feel" plugin API


* Updated "Delete Private Data" plugin to match new 2.1 Beta features


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