Release Notes

Task Summary:

* NEW: Added search/filter field
* Improved look and feel

RSS Feed Reader:

* Fixed RSS archive, date/time display,
  and autoremove of expired articles
* Fixed import menu
* Show info if no new articles


* Improved "Links" button:
  - Added "Add Link Address..." menu command
  - Improved "Remove All Links" confirmation


* NEW: New network proxy settings
* Fixed "Select Input Method" menu
* Fixed Slideshow settings dialog
* Fixed: Added workaround
  for "Failed to retrieve atom name" error message
* Fixed notification window
* Fixed pie chart text label positions
* Backup: Fixed: Do not backup cache and temporary files
* Fixed: Smaller title font in dialog windows
* About window: Improved "System" tab
* Fixed: Always use absolute directory for a profile location
* Minor user interface fixes
* Console: Removed "UI.boldMetal" property


* Added "Task.matches" method
* Fixed NPE if button icon is empty (null image)
* Fixed "Get more plugins" category list
* Added "FS.listFileSystems"
* MFormat: Added ByteFormat enum; minor API improvements
* Added "ContainerIterator" class
* Added MDialog.getToolBar()
* Added MApplication.initLookAndFeel()
* Added ChartModel/ChartModel.Item.setFormat
* Added "org.makagiga.commons.proxy" package (network proxy)
* Added "AbstractListTableModel.ColumnInfo" class
* Fixed: "MColorIcon" class is now serializable
* Replaced deprecated API
* Fixed "MTable" API
* Added TK.checkNullOrEmpty
* Improved and fixed "AppletWidget" class
* Added "MLoginPanel" class
* Added "org.makagiga.commons.crypto" package
* NEW: build.xml: Added support for Arch Linux packages
* Updated unit tests and documentation


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